PMC Cylinders (SWE)

PMC Cylinders manufactures a wide range of customized hydraulic cylinders for all customer areas. We offer a standard range of hydraulic cylinders suitable for industrial applications and we are specialized in customized hydraulic systems in combination with hydraulic cylinders.

  • PMC Cylinders - Cylinders Marine & Offshore

  • PMC Cylinders - Cylinders Mining Industry

  • PMC Cylinders - Sideshifter

  • PMC Cylinders - Piston accumulators

From hydraulic cylinders to complete hydraulic systems

From the smallest to the largest hydraulic cylinders. For all environments – for example stainless cylinders and for mobile or solid applications. We manufacture customer-specific hydraulic cylinders in our six cylinder factories and even offer a wide range of standard cylinders and hydraulic components.

In collaboration with our customers we develop, design and build complete hydraulic systems for all needs. We specialize on advance and unique systems which requires movement with high precision and for high pressure. We take responsibility all the way through an effective solution with hydraulic, steer- and controlling system including mounting. We often build turnkey systems where it's natural with a service- and maintenance agreement that eliminates unnecessary and expensive production stops. We have educated staff and stocks all the spare parts that's needed.